Lisa, who found fame alongside Calista on the hit legal show, recently opened up about her diagnosis, revealing she suffered her first biopolar episode in 1997 before she landed the role of Renee on the series.

In 2000, she suffered a headline-grabbing breakdown and spent time in a psychiatric ward, and a year later (01), producers behind the show declined to renew her contract.

Calista has now spoken out to back her friend, praising her bravery for speaking out about such a sensitive subject.

"I think she is brave for telling her story but then again I always thought she was brave about everything," Calista tells "I love her truly, madly and deeply... Lisa Nicole is so gifted and beautiful; such an extraordinary talent. Her uniqueness gave a vitality to every scene...

"She was always dog-loyal and she made me laugh 'til I thought I would explode. I cherish her friendship."

Ally MCBeal ran from 1997 until 2002.