Cali Swag District star C-Smoove still has nightmares about witnessing the drive-by murder of his bandmate M-Bone in May (11), confessing he was so shaken he almost crashed his car blocks away from the slaying.
The 22 year old, real name Montae Talbert, was killed while sitting in his car outside a store in Inglewood, California and C-Smoove reveals he watched the tragedy unfold from just feet away as his childhood pal was shot twice in the head.
He tells the Associated Press, "As I went past his car, shots were fired."
C-Smoove, born Corey Fowler, reacted in fear after taking one look at his friend's limp body slumped over the wheel of his car.
He says, "I almost crashed. I ran a red light. I just panicked. And I was screaming and driving at the same time. I wasn't even on the seat; I was pulling the steering wheel so hard."
Police have yet to name any suspects in Talbert's murder and Fowler, 20, is still struggling to understand why the Teach Me How To Dougie dancer was targeted.
He adds, "It's mind-boggling. What was the cause, what was the reason? And we really don't know. It eats me up every day. When I wake up in the morning, I just want to know why."