Caitlyn Jenner says her life is ''so simple'' now she is a woman.

The 67-year-old reality TV star was Kardashian patriarch Bruce Jenner prior to undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and she insists her life is now how it should be and there is much ''less drama'' around her and mental anguish now she has made the full transition.

Speaking to Michigan Avenue Magazine, Caitlyn said: ''All I can say is that after such a long journey for me, to finally get to the point in your life where you can be accepted for who you are, and to live your life with no secrets, with everything out in the open, it is a wonderful, wonderful place to be in life. It's difficult to get to but a wonderful place to be. My life today is so simple. I just get up in the morning, be myself, go out, and enjoy the kindness of others.

''There's so much less drama in my life and so much less drama in my head. Everybody has stuff that they have to deal with.

''Sexual issues, gender issues, alcohol, drugs, whatever it maybe. Everybody's got their stuff they have to deal with. And being able to get through that and just be yourself is a wonderful place to be.''

Caitlyn - who won an Olympic gold medal for the US at the Games in 1976 - also revealed she is currently weighing up the possibility of moving into politics, where she would represent the state of California, as a voice for the trans community.

She said: ''I've said from the beginning, I am not a spokesperson for the trans community. But I am the spokesperson for my own story because I have learned over the past two years that living with yourself authentically is a different story. I can't speak for other people, some people transition at a much younger age, some people do it at an older age. There are so many things involved in transitioning that I cannot be a spokesperson for. The only thing I can do is tell my story and that is what I do in my book. And in doing that, in the position that I hold in life as a celebrity, an athlete and all that kind of stuff, I can use them in the community to move this issue forward. And that's all I can do.''