Caitlyn Jenner dreams she is still Bruce Jenner.

The 67-year-old star - who underwent gender reassignment surgery and introduced her new female persona to the world in 2015 - has admitted her thoughts have ''bounced around a lot'' and she still imagines herself as her former gender when she sleeps.

Amid the release of her highly anticipated book 'The Secrets of My Life', the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star was asked: ''Who are you in your dreams?''

To which the American television personality responded: ''That's a very good question. I bounced around a lot when I was young. Sometimes I would be her, sometimes I would be him. Sometimes I would dream about training when I was obsessed with the games. And then other times as times would go on I would be her. It's been like that for all of my life.''

Caitlyn's epic journey from being born a man and transitioning into a woman is chronicled in her memoir and the former Olympic gold medal winner has revealed she found it difficult cutting down the thousands of pages of memories she had written when she penned her tell-all books.

When asked whether the text will stop her having to explain herself on BBC Radio Two on Thursday (27.04.17), she said: ''There's a lot to learn here, a lot to explain. We had 6,000/7,000 pages of memoirs over a two year period and to crush it down into a 320 pages is not easy. There's always a lot more to be said.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty is making it her mission to shine a light on the LGBT community and fight for equality.

She added: ''There are a lot more fights out there, we have a lot of issues to work on for my community. I'll always have something to say.''