The former Olympian-turned-reality TV star, who went by the name of Bruce Jenner at the time of the accident, was driving an SUV along the Pacific Coast Highway in February (15) when the vehicle slammed into the back of another car, causing a pile-up which nudged fellow driver Kim Howe's car into oncoming traffic, resulting in her death.

Officials completed their investigation into the incident last month (Aug15) and in their report, they suggest Kim Kardashian's stepfather "set off a chain of events" that led to Howe's death by driving at a speed deemed unsafe for road conditions.

Authorities claim Jenner should have been "barely rolling" as the traffic came to a near standstill, and ruled the 65 year old's actions violated the vehicular manslaughter law.

Los Angeles County prosecutors are still considering whether to charge Jenner with a misdemeanour, but the star believes she did nothing wrong and she is challenging investigators' findings that her speed was a factor in the crash.

In a candid pre-taped interview on U.S. breakfast show Today, Jenner, who was not under the influence at the time of the incident, says, "(I remember) very little (about the crash). I remember it happening and that's about it.

"Obviously it's something... I'm in litigation and I can't really talk about, but a tragedy like this, you'll never get over it. You just learn to live with it the best you possibly can...

"I was under the speed limit, I was going 46 (miles per hour) in a 50 (mile per hour zone) - my air bag didn't even go off. All I needed was probably a half a second of time (to avoid the collision). I almost got stopped (sic), but couldn't quite get it (her vehicle) stopped... I don't think speed was (a factor)..."

If prosecutors decide to proceed with charges against Jenner, she could face up to a year behind bars - and the veteran has already instructed her lawyers to ensure she is not placed in a men's facility.

Taking aim at the judicial system, she adds, "That is the worst case scenario... I will say the men's county jail, it is an enormous problem that they would put trans women in a men's county jail, but those are things we're looking into."