Caitlyn Jenner believes the messages of support she received from the likes of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus helped her youngest daughters accept her as transgender.

The former Olympian was still known as Bruce Jenner when she discussed her plans for gender reassignment with Diane Sawyer in April 2015, and she watched the '20/20' special with all her family.

And as the show aired, Caitlyn was inundated with social media posts of support from the likes of the two pop stars and 'Rocket Man' singer Sir Elton John.

In an outtake from upcoming documentary 'The Trans List' obtained by 'Entertainment Tonight', Caitlyn recalled: ''Alright, so there I am. I'm sitting on this couch and Diane Sawyer is coming on. My young kids, especially Kendall and Kylie, they don't want anybody to hurt their daddy.

''Now, I'm sitting on the couch with all my girls -- Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie -- this is by far the most social media family in the world. They can sit there with their little phones and reach 140 million people all over the world.

''[Other stars] were all just going crazy on social media. I think at that point it made my two little girls, who obviously live in that world -- I think it made them feel really good. Like, 'You know what? It's going to be OK. People still love my daddy.'''

Kendall recently admitted she found her parent's transition ''really hard'' because she always thanked her dad for her ''tomboy'' ways.

She said: ''We had ATVs and go-carts, and I grew up riding them all the time, which is why I'm a good driver. It's super ironic to think about now, but it's something I can thank my dad for: how much of a tomboy I was.

''That's why I think the whole thing - her transition - was really hard for me, because I was like, 'But you taught me everything, tomboy!'''

However, the catwalk icon has admitted she is slowly beginning to come to terms with her parents change, which she doesn't view as ''weird'' anymore.

She explained: ''It has gotten easier. I knew it was going to have its rough phase, but it's all super normal now. It's not weird at all.''