Caitlyn Jenner has admitted she and Sophia Hutchins are ''very close''.

The 68-year-old reality star - who was previously known as Bruce Jenner and has six children from her three marriages - has been romantically linked with the 22-year-old transgender model since last September and though she wouldn't confirm their relationship, she did reveal they are ''inseparable''.

She told Variety: ''We are not going to get into that. But we are very close.

''We do a lot of things together. We're kind of inseparable. We're the best of friends.''

The 'I Am Cait' star - who transitioned when she was 65 - also revealed she now quietly works as a transgender rights advocate to congress.

She said: ''Today, I'm very politically involved. Nobody really knows it. I do it very quietly because I have been so criticised by the liberal side of the media. I can get more things done if I don't stick my nose into everything publicly.''

The former 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star still gets recognised a lot in public and always tries to make the time to stop and take photos with fans because she wants to leave them with a good impression of someone from the trans community.

She said: ''If I'm out, I take a minimum of 30 selfies with people. It drives everyone around me crazy.

''That may be the first time they've met anybody who's trans.

''I want that to be a pleasurable experience. I want to be nice to people. I want to have a smile on my face.

''And they walk away and say,  'Oh, my God! Caitlyn was so nice.' That's the way I want them to think of trans people. That we're nice.''