Bruce Jenner, the husband of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, has undergone surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his face, according to US Weekly magazine. The story first arose after Bruce was snapped with a red scar on his neck, which many erroneously linked to plastic surgery.
Jenner, the father of The Hills star Brody Jenner, visited the dermatologist where it was determined a growth on his neck was cancerous. He underwent surgery in Los Angeles on Friday (13 January 2012) and is "going to be just fine", but has been advised to stay covered up when he goes out in the sun. Jenner has reportedly undergone plastic surgery on two occasions, and according to the Los Angeles Times, his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian claimed he had an "ill-advised partial facelift and nose job". His second surgery came after the Kardashians took a vote on correcting the first procedure during an episode of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'. A notable sportsman in his youth, Jenner placed third in the decathlon at the 1972 U.S. Olympic trials, and finished in tenth place at the 1972 Munich Games. At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, he won the gold medal in the Decathlon and set the world record, which was subsequently beaten by Daley Thompson four years later.
Bruce's career on television has included appearances in Murder She Wrote, Family Guy, Pet Star on Animal Planet and Celebrity Family Feud.