Busy Philipps has joked with her screenwriter husband about overlooking her for starring roles.

The 38-year-old actress stars alongside Amy Schumer in the new comedy movie 'I Feel Pretty', which was written and co-directed by her husband Marc Silverstein, but Busy insisted she didn't mind being overlooked for the central role.

She said: ''Hey, I don't mind it at all. Once Amy Schumer came on board, it clearly made sense that I would be one of her friends.

''We have an ongoing conversation in our house as to why my husband doesn't just write me a huge starring role in a giant-budget studio movie.''

Busy and Mark tied the knot in 2007 and the loved-up couple have two children together, daughters Birdie, nine, and Cricket, four.

The duo met in a bar in Hollywood, and Busy has admitted it was a case of love at first sight.

She told The i Paper: ''We pretty much knew that we were each other's person right from the start. It was very clear to me that I would probably have children with this man. He's the smartest and best person I had ever met.

''My best friend started calling him my fiancé before we even went on our first date. The pressure was very high.''

Even though Busy and Marc both work in the movie business, they aren't necessarily keen for their daughters to follow in their footsteps.

The actress explained that she'd support Birdie and Cricket in whatever they choose to pursue.

She said: ''The biggest thing for me as a parent is that I want my children to feel supported and loved, and I want them to pursue whatever brings them the most joy and happiness in their life, so we'll see what that is some day.''