Busy Philipps has ditched her scales and ''works out every morning''.

The 'White Chicks' actress made the decision to stop weighing herself at home once she became a mother-of-two because teaching her daughters Birdie, 10, and Cricket, five, to be body confident and to be proud of who they are is top of her agenda.

Speaking to Shape magazine, Busy said: ''I stopped weighing myself a long time ago because it was driving me crazy. I knew it was doing me a disservice on a daily basis. I'm also a person who retains water - I fluctuate a ton and that was normal and I was getting fixated on it in a way that was not normal.

''I was thinking that I needed to control my normal monthly fluctuations and you can't. So I got rid of it. Now feeling good in clothes is mostly how I judge whether I'm feeling great or not. And I find no shame in any size anymore. I used to. You can't get stuck on that either.''

Although she has a hectic home and professional life, Busy always makes the time to exercise daily because it has become a ''non-negotiable'' part of her life because it's important to her entire wellbeing.

Busy - who is married to screenwriter Marc Silverstein - explained ''I do LEKFit when in LA. I'm obsessed with it. It's a mini trampoline workout, and you also use ankle weights and 5-pound arm weights. Classes are usually 50 to 60 minutes and you're on the trampoline probably half the time. There are also infrared heaters on the ceiling, so it's a warmer room; not unbearably hot, but you heat up real fast. It's amazing. I'm drenched afterward.

''Exercising has really helped me so much, so I do make sure that I make time for that every morning, even if it means I have to move that meeting cause I have to go do my workout, you know? It's non-negotiable for me and that is directly tied to my mental health. It's not even about [my weight], but just the way I feel. I know that if I make it to that workout every day, that's the one priority that I have set for myself.''

Busy, 39, also makes a point of walking around in her underwear in front of her children so they can see that their mother is happy in her skin and so they can see what a normal woman looks like.

She said: ''I do like my body in a lot of ways and struggle with my own confidence about my body, but I will always wear a bikini if I want to. I'll always like walk around in my underwear in front of my girls. I want them to see me comfortable in my body. I feel like that's really important. Even if I'm in a moment where I'm not really feeling as great about myself as I wish I were. And I refuse to Facetune and have never trimmed my body up for Instagram or whatever. I will use a filter; I do love a filter. But I try to be really aware of that.''