Busted have celebrated beating Britney Spears to the number one slot in their native Britain by launching a blistering attack on the American star.

Britney's comeback single with Madonna, ME AGAINST THE MUSIC, was relegated to number two in the charts by the pop punks' CRASHED THE WEDDING - and the trio believe it's justice for Britney's attitude at her album launch party in London last month (OCT03).

Singer CHARLIE SIMPSON says, "Maybe Britney will talk to me next time, now that we've beaten her to number one. We were looking forward to meeting her. We all think she's fit and our song Britney is dedicated to her.

"But I was totally put off when I went to her party. She had 20 security guards around her - she looked so pretentious. Nobody could talk to her.

"I felt like saying, 'Its your own f***ing party - why are you hiding yourself away? I won't ever become like that - if you are going to hold a party you have to talk to people. She was so pretentious and I think that's ****ing stupid. It's just pathetic."

Bandmate James Bourne cheekily adds, "Madonna and Britney kissed each other to get attention but we still beat them."

17/11/2003 13:28