British boyband Busted are determined to make it big in America - even though they find the country a bit odd.

Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and MATT JAY have topped the charts in Europe and Asia with infectious anthems like THAT'S WHAT I GO TO SCHOOL FOR, and are hoping to repeat their success Stateside.

James grins, "LA was awesome, So good, in fact, that one day I want to live there. OK, a lot of it was fake. You'd see these old guys who had s***loads of money and have had about 10 facelifts. But it's a different world.

"You have to give over a lot of time to the States, so it will be ongoing for months. But rather than go over for four months solid and totally disappear back home, we will be travelling back and forth the whole time. It will mean a lot of air miles, but we think it's the best way."

10/11/2003 02:16