Busted wish they had ''taken more control'' of their careers during their first stint in the spotlight.

The 'Year 3000' hitmakers reformed in 2016, 11 years after going their separate ways and though they have fond memories of their early days the trio - Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne - wish they'd been more involved in decision making.

Matt told OK! magazine: ''I look back on Busted with a fond, warm feeling but there are elements of the production and marketing that p***ed me off.

''We were only 18 and 16 when we met. Busted [were] awesome but then we made Charlie leave. We should have taken more control over our band.''

James has reflected on the fallout of the group's split in 'What Happened To Our Band', a track on their new LP 'Half Way There' - which was originally used on McBusted's self-titled album in 2016 - and revealed he actually wrote the song a long time ago.

He said: ''Yeah, I wrote it not long after Busted broke up. It was about the lady who worked in Tesco who always used to ask me that question every time I went to do my shopping.''

Meanwhile, the 'What I Go To School For' singers are very proud of their new album.

Matt said: ''We went around the houses and came back to what we do best. We've made the record we always wanted to make. It's the Busted album we always wanted to make.''

James added: ''The 'Bested' record.''