The members of British boyband Busted have been ordered to keep their girlfriends out of newspaper headlines, because record bosses fear their female fans will abandon them.

The chart-topping trio have a huge adolescent following in the UK, so attached bandmembers Charlie Simpson and James Bourne have been told to avoid publicity when out with their partners.

An insider says, "Charlie and James are in love with their girlfriends. They have been pictured with them a few times and up to now it hasn't been seen as too much of a problem.

"But in time, if more photos of them appear in the papers, girls will rapidly start to lose interest.

"It may seem harsh, but they are not being told to dump their girlfriends. Nobody in their camp would expect them to do that."

Busted's third member, party-loving MATT JAY, is currently single.

21/06/2004 15:02