Busted boyband star MATT JAY nearly ended his fledging pop career recently - when he drunkenly attempted to copy a stunt from hit TV show Jackass.

The fresh faced star had been out partying with friends when he decided it would be a good idea to try and emulate his daredevil heroes by travelling down a hill on his skateboard at breakneck speed.

He says, "Me and my mates were copying Jackass after clubbing. I know it's a bad idea and they tell you not to do it, but we were so p***ed!

"We were going to down this hill on skateboards at about 60 miles per hour and there was this massive roundabout with a stone statue on it at the bottom.

"I was so p***ed, the second time I went down the hill I stacked it so badly! A couple of feet either way and I'd have hit that bloody statue. If I'd done that, I'd basically be dead. I've never sobered up so fast in my life!"

12/08/2003 20:57