Busted hunk Charlie Simpson is furious with the state of music in his native Britain - and blames it on Pop Idol finalists Will Young and GARETH GATES.

The CRASHED THE WEDDING hitmaker is sick of Busted being branded a boyband and wishes they were taken as seriously as pop acts in the 1960s - and blames the influx of artificially created artists for their lack of credibility.

Charlie fumes, "Because of people like Will Young and Gareth Gates the charts are a load of s**t. There's so much c**p music about. It really annoys me. A lot of people call us a boy band and I suppose that's strictly true.

"We are a band and we consist of lads. But does that make THE Beatles a boy band? I don't mean we are as good as the Beatles. I mean you would never think of them as a boy band would you?

"The fact is that if we'd been around in their era we would have been taken more seriously than we are today."

10/03/2004 13:39