Busted hunk Charlie Simpson has signed a new record deal with the label that launched Coldplay and Keane.

FIERCE PANDA have agreed to launch the debut EP of Simpson's new band Fightstar, but this does not mean the 19-year-old heart-throb will be leaving the CRASHED THE WEDDING group.

A Busted spokesperson says, "Fightstar are releasing an EP on Fierce Panda as it's something Charlie has wanted to do for a long time. They sound very different from Busted. It's more of a hardcore American punk sound. Getting Fightstar a deal won't affect Charlie's commitments to Busted. He's 100 per cent committed to them.

"People in bands sometimes have artistic impulses outside of the group they are in. Being in the Rolling Stones hasn't stopped Mick Jagger and Keith RICHARDS making solo albums."

06/10/2004 13:22