Pop band Busted have accused Simon Cowell and his new TV talent show THE X FACTOR of "making a mockery of the British music industry".

The CRASHED THE WEDDING trio are furious the show - which sees Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and WESTLIFE svengali Louis Walsh judge contestants' singing abilities - encourages dull, talentless people to fill the charts with manufactured music.

Frontman CHARLIE SIMPSON - who refused to sign with Cowell - says, "I just watched this and thought, 'This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.' It was like they were sat in a meeting and thought, 'How can we make it more interesting, seeing as we've had two bulls**t Pop Idols that no one likes anymore?'

"So now they have these 60, 70-year-old people coming up. It's just like, when are you going to stop making a mockery of the British music industry? Look how many people have released records through those shows and how many names you remember. You don't remember any of them."

15/09/2004 13:17