Busted heart-throb Charlie Simpson has been forced to pull out of all the band's work commitments for the next few days after developing a painful throat inflammation.

The CRASHED THE WEDDING hitmaker was diagnosed with pharyngitis by British doctors and told only to speak in emergencies by the concerned medical team.

His illness leaves bandmates MATT JAY and James Bourne to shoulder the promotional responsibilities alone as he recuperates.

A Busted spokesperson says, "Charlie's throat was examined by specialists and they told him not to sing and only to speak in an emergency.

"If he'd carried on performing he could have developed dangerous nodules on his vocal chords, which signals the end of a pop career. So he's pulled out of engagements.

"But he should be back on his feet later this week. He doesn't want to let down the fans but he can't jeopardise his career."

03/12/2003 02:15