LATEST: The ex-Busted stars suing former bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne deny their legal action is motivated by bitterness. KI FITZGERALD and OWEN DOYLE were part of the British band's original line-up and left in 2002, just before the group hit the big time with WHAT I GO TO SCHOOL FOR. They were replaced by current Fightstar frontman CHARLIE SIMPSON. In 2005, both Fitzgerald and Doyle filed separate lawsuits, demanding royalties for hit Busted songs they claimed they wrote. This week (begs20NOV06) they filed a second suit claiming their names have been left out of a forthcoming Busted autobiography. However, the pair insist they're not jealous of their former band's achievement but are suing to protect their rights. A spokesperson says, "Both Ki and Owen are not bitter about Busted's success, as it was built on the songs that they both wrote with James and Matt. "However, the story that everyone has been told of how Busted was formed and how their big hits were written is a gross distortion of the truth and Ki and Owen just want acknowledgement for their work and to be entitled to what's rightfully theirs so they can put Busted behind them. "They are both very confident about the strength of their legal argument and case."