British boyband Busted have allegedly refused to speak to each other since their last performance in December (18DEC04).

The CRASHED THE WEDDING stars have been the subject of frenzied speculation over their future, after Charlie Simpson told his bandmates MATT JAY and James Bourne he wanted to leave the group to work fulltime with his other rock band Fightstar.

And Simpson's decision has put such a strain on the band, they have not been on speaking terms for more than three weeks, reports British newspaper THE SUN.

A close source explains, "Things are so bad between the boys at the moment that they all realise a split is inevitable. Charlie has never really hung out with Matt or James.

"None of them are close, you have to remember the band were put together. The rift between Charlie and the others is so bad now that they all realise it's over."

12/01/2005 14:16