Busted wildman MATT JAY is having the time of his life at the moment - because he's rediscovered his love of clubbing.

The CRASHED THE WEDDING star, 20, admits his prime motivation in life is to drink a lot and "pull chicks" as often as possible.

And Jay explains the reason bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne don't join him is because they have long term girlfriends.

He says, "The other two lads are quite settled on the domestic front but I'm into clubbing more than ever.

"Last year (03) I went through a weird spell where I hated going out because I didn't like the music being played in clubs.

"Then I realised a good time is nothing to do with the music. It's about getting hammered and pulling chicks. Now I just get really p***ed up.

"I don't care what music the DJs play, I get stuck in and dance like an idiot. There are loads of women out there and I just want to have fun."

19/04/2004 14:02