Busted hunk James Bourne has received emergency medical treatment after collapsing with heat stroke in the American desert.

The YEAR 3000 star, 20, became dangerously ill when their air conditioning broke on their tour bus as they hit the hottest parts of Colorado, his concerned bandmates Charlie Simpson, 19, and MATT JAY, 21, called a doctor and are relieved Jay is well enough to continue their gruelling three-month US tour.

A band spokesperson says, "A doctor had to be called after James got heat stroke, but he's fine now."

An insider explains, "It was a nightmare for James. the heat was horrific and the boys were already tired from working so hard. As the temperature rose James became sick but because the band had to get to their next destination they couldn't stop. It was a typical case of heat stroke, feeling faint, the shakes, a terrible headache. Obviously it can be a very serious illness so a doctor was called immediately. ye bus continued without air con until it arrived at the next city on the route. Thankfully, James recovered fine. He's a real trouper."

03/09/2004 02:59