British pop heartthrobs Busted are so desperate to be recognised as serious rockers, they've started trashing hotel rooms.

The clean-cut trio caused $2,700 (GBP1,500) damage at Birmingham, England's MARRIOTT HOTEL - after tossing a television and toaster out of the window of their suite in the early hours of Monday morning (8MAR04).

But Buster, MATT JAY, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne have a few things to learn from rock wildmen Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon and KEITH RICHARDS - according to onlookers, they opened the window first.

A stunned passer-by says, "I heard a huge crash. I looked behind me and there was a TV smashed all over the street. The next thing I saw was a toaster plummeting from the window.

"I looked up and couldn't believe it when I saw Matt from Busted smiling down at me with a group of mates."

Furious hotel bosses have demanded the band pay for the damage caused.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the group has offered an innocent explanation for the prank: "They thought it would be fun and rock'n'roll if they chucked a TV out of their window.

"They were only pretending and then it actually slipped and fell.

"Matt is really embarrassed by the whole thing and has paid a handsome sum of money to the hotel for his foolishness."

The band were in Birmingham as part of their British arena tour.

10/03/2004 03:00