British pop punks Busted like to drink out of their shoes when they get drunk.

The CRASHED THE WEDDING band claim only to have had a good night out if they end up swallowing feet-flavoured booze, something frontman Charlie Simpson is particularly taken by.

Guitarist JAMES BOURNE says, "You know when CHARLIE's tipsy because he'll be drinking out of a shoe.

"Shooting the boot they call it. I think it's a private school thing. Me and my mates all do it.

"Bits of fluff? Take it all down. Odour eaters? Take it all down like a man. Shut up and swallow.

"My shoes are fine. They take many a boot shooting. I've even used my skanky PUMAs. Well, they were the only shoes I had on."

03/02/2004 21:26