British pop punks Busted are divided when it comes to the issue of women - singer Charlie Simpson loves Britney Spears while bandmate James Bourne prefers Avril Lavigne.

Although the WHAT I GO TO SCHOOL FOR hitmakers have become the new sex symbols of pop, they have differing opinions when it comes to which celebrity stunners they would like to date.

Charlie says, "I like Britney, without a doubt! I love the whole revealing your body thing. I like a girl in an open, low cut top. I like it when Britney wears a short top because she's got such a great stomach.

"She looks good in a short skirt, too."

James argues, "My ideal girl is Avril Lavigne. Every time I see her she looks amazing, and even though she says she's tomboyish, she's still quite girlie.

"She's little and cute, which is what I like about her."

12/08/2003 01:38