Pop punks Busted are fed up with being labelled a boyband - because they consider the term "degrading".

The CRASHED THE WEDDING trio, currently at number one in the singles charts in their native Britain, have forged a successful career from writing their own music and playing their own instruments, so find it infuriating to be are written off as just another boyband.

Singer Charlie Simpson rants, "For people to call us a boyband is offensive. It's degrading."

Bandmate MATTIE JAY adds, "Anyone that calls us a boyband obviously doesn't know much about music.

"It's a very naive thing to say because if anyone was a fly on the wall in the process of making a Busted album they'd see it's not done the way a boyband does it.

"Boybands just have to go in and sing the songs and the album is made very quickly. For us there's a certain amount of time to allow because we have to write it, find the producers, go in and record it. It's a completely different process."

18/11/2003 17:20