Teen pop band Busted have shattered their rebellious rock image, admitting they have already planned what they are going to call their kids.

The pop trio are barely out of school, MATT JAY is 21, James Bourne is 20 and frontman Charlie Simpson is just 19 - but they are already looking forward to growing up settling down.

Charlie confesses, "If I have a son I want to call him ARCHIE and if I have a girl she'll be called ALICIA."

Matt adds, "My daughter is going to be called HARLEY and I want my son to be called JACK so he can be Jack The Lad."

And James says, "I want to call one of my kids AUSSIE because I love Australia. And I want their middle names to be RI. So if I called my kid James, he would be James 'Ri' Bourne, get it?"

28/06/2004 17:29