LATEST: Busta Rhymes has again refused to speak to police about the murder of his bodyguard ISRAEL RAMIREZ. The rapper refuses to disclose what he saw on 5 February (06) when his minder was shot outside a New York City warehouse, where the video for Rhymes' track TOUCH IT was being filmed. And despite criticism from the police, he has no intention of cooperating. He tells XXL Magazine, "F**k what I got to say! It don't matter what I say. I don't gotta say s**t. "My man died. It was never about what I say. It was about what was done. And we cannot lose sight of what it is." But Rhymes, real name TREVOR SMITH, admits his decision to keep quiet is based on self-protection. He adds, "I'm not gonna jump out of (a) project window and kill myself in the process."