Hip-hop star Busta Rhymes insists he bears no grudge with his previous record company J Records, despite their "clueless" treatment of him. The Break Ya Neck hitmaker is happy to have moved across to Dr Dre's Aftermath Entertainment label, because they are ahead of their game and in tune with his type of music. He says, "There's no animosity with J Records. I just think that they have no understanding of how to promote hip-hop music. "If the artist isn't radio friendly like PUFFY (Sean Combs), MISSY (ELLIOT) or SNOOP, J Record doesn't have a clue! They tried to make me into someone I'm not, so I'm glad to be out! "When I was at J, we were nurturing the relationship. People here (at Aftermath) go hard for their artists. "I'm not forced to do anything by my own thing. Yeah we wanna sell records, but we're doing this s**t to push the envelope."