Busta Rhymes is being sued by an autograph hunter who claims the rapper assaulted him with a "knuckle sandwich". MELVIN SMITH, 37, has filed a suit with New York's Manhattan Supreme Court, accusing the Break Ya Neck hitmaker of violently attacking him with help from bodyguard TROY GREEN. Smith's lawyer BRUCE REGENSTREICH insists the alleged victim has been unable to work since receiving severe back and neck injuries at the hands of the 33-year-old star. Regenstreich says, "My client was not aggressive in seeking the autograph. Melvin went in to get an autograph and got a knuckle sandwich instead." Rhymes, real name TREVOR SMITH, is currently wanted by New York City police, who are keen to interview the rapper about last month's (05FEB06) fatal shooting of his minder ISRAEL RAMIREZ.