Busta Rhymes says there's a ''difference'' between Kanye West as a performer and a father.

The 'I Know What You Want' hitmaker has claimed the rapper - whose girlfriend Kim Kardashian welcomed their first daughter North West into the world earlier this year - knows how to separate the two conflicting sides to his personality.

He told E! News: ''Ye's mic-snatching, gotta-have-the-last-word persona doesn't interfere with his role as a dad and family man whatsoever.

''We know Kanye West the entertainer. The Kanye that people don't know is the regular human being,'' Busta said on the red carpet. ''And that's what we have to understand. There's a separation between the two.''

The 41-year-old producer explained it is important for a ''superstar'' to not take that image home with them, and to ensure you're being ''your children's father''.

He added: ''When that superstar switches on, it's a little different from what we do when the regular human being switches on.

''When you're at home, you're your mother's child, you're your woman's man, you're your children's father. You're not the superstar of the house.''