Busdriver Announces New Album 'Perfect Hair' Plus Stream New Single 'Ego Death

Busdriver Announces New Album 'Perfect Hair' Plus Stream New Single 'Ego Death" [Listen]

What would "Gravity's Rainbow" sound like as a rap album? Here is an album which, if we may, reminds the listener of their whispered allegiances to fundamental realities. The brushstrokes are delicate, stabbing, pointed. The overwhelming crescendo they whirl towards may be one of bitterness, and rightfully so. There is also lightness. A black man is giggling and pointing at you. It may have everything and nothing to do with rap and one's place in it. Humiliation, no longer a threat-but a reality, has been exhausted.Perfect Hair is what remains.

This will be Busdriver's (AKA Regan Farquhar) 3rd album for Big Dada and comes by way of a new track called "Ego Death" featuring none other than Danny Brown + Aesop Rock with production by Jeremiah Jae + follows work in recent years with the likes ofModeselektor, Flying Lotus + Nosaj Thing. "Ego Death" is a march to the math rock, a call to arms and an artists' decree.  Snarling 'I'm not done yet' like a rap Marilyn Manson, it hits so hard it ricochets off a planet. All of which is one of way saying that "Ego Death" is like a stick of dynamite where the sun don't shine.

1. Retirement Ode  (Prod. by Driver)
2. Bliss Point (Prod. by Driver)
3. Ego Death (Prod. by Jeremiah Jae feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown)
4. Upsweep (Prod. by Mono/ Poly)
5.When the Tooth-lined Horizon Blinks (Prod. by Great Dane feat. Open Mike Eagle)
6. Motion Lines (Prod. by Driver)
7. Eat Rich (prod. by Kenny Segal)
8. king cookie faced (for her) (Prod. by Driver)
9. Can't You tell I'm a Sociopath (Prod. by Mike Gao feat. VerBS)
10. Colonize the Moon (Prod. by Riley Lake & Driver feat. Pegasus Warning)