Burt Reynolds cheated so he could match Russell Crowe in a drinking contest. The two tough guys became drinking buddies when they starred together in 1999 film Mystery, Alaska, and Reynolds, then 63, was so keen to keep up with his 35-year-old pal's wild antics he came up with a cunning plan to out drink him. Reynolds, now 71, tells men's magazine Maxim, "I could drink pretty good, but I used to cheat. Like when I filmed Mystery, Alaska with the Aussie (Crowe). "One night I said to the girl behind the bar, 'Here's $100. Give me a vodka and tonic with a lime, but after that, alternate with water and lime.' "On the 10th round Russell grabbed the glass and took a swallow. Thank God it was the vodka. He said, 'You're all right mate.'"