Burt Reynolds made a pact with himself to stay away from co-star RUSSELL CROWE's boozy nights when the pair were filming MYSTERY, ALASKA in Alberta, Canada - because he knew the New Zealander was a heavy drinker.

But when Crowe insisted he join him for a drink, Reynolds came up with a trick that wouldn't make him look like a lightweight boozer in front of his new pal.

The actor recalls, "I slipped the bartender $100 before Russell got there and told him that every other vodka and tonic of mine would be just tonic.

"At our 14th drink, Russell said, 'Let me take a sip of your drink, mate.' Thank God it was the drink with vodka."

By then, Reynolds recalls, Crowe was banned from every bar in town, except one.

He adds, "The guy is a true bada*s. In this little town, where we were shooting the movie, he was only allowed to go to one bar, since he had beaten up 32 people."

04/05/2005 09:23