The Boogie Nights star admits he was a problem child growing up in Florida and often clashed with his father, who was a law enforcement officer. However, Reynolds insists his life turned around when he started playing football in high school.

"(My father) was the chief of police and he arrested me and threw me in jail," he told Live! with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday (17Nov15). "I was in there for three days and every drunk he arrested he threw on top of me.

"He walked down and he looked at me and he said, 'Your father didn't show up'. It was tough, but I got out of it somehow."

Reynolds went on to attend Florida State University on a football scholarship, but was injured in the first game of the season.

"(Football) saved my life," he continued. "If I hadn't gotten in to football I would have been nothing..."

Following his time at Florida State University, he transferred to Palm Beach Junior College, where he took an English class taught by Watson B. Duncan III, who cast him in his play, Outward Bound, for which he won the Florida State Drama Award in 1956.

That role kicked off Reynolds' passion for acting and led him to become one of Hollywood's most popular leading men of all-time.