Burt Bacharach has swapped love songs for hip-hop beats to create new politically-charged album AT THIS TIME - which also sees him write his first ever lyrics.

The 77-year-old composer has spent almost 50 years singing romantic hits, including LOOK OF LOVE and WALK ON BY, but was prompted to take a new approach after becoming disgusted by the controversial war in Iraq.

The disc sees the veteran separate from longtime lyricist and collaborator HAL DAVID, and features vocal contributions from Elvis Costello and Rufus Wainwright.

Bacharach says, "It's very streety, as streety as I can make it.

"It's not like your normal, 'I am angry, I protest,' song. There's a groove going on. It's kind of cooking along on a nice groove. It became very heartfelt."

The singer, who admitted crying while recording one of the tracks, adds, "I hope it has the impact of making some people think and feel. Because I do believe a lot of music that's out there is like ear candy and you don't necessarily feel too much."