Rapper Bun B has mixed feelings about releasing a new UGK album without his bandmate PIMP C, insisting he will only seriously consider making another record if his late pal's grieving family is in need.
Pimp C, real name Chad Butler, died in 2007 after suffering an accidental drug overdose complicated by a pre-existing sleep disorder.
The pair was working on tracks for their fifth studio album when the hip-hop star lost his life and Bun B dedicated the 2009 disc to his late friend by naming it UGK 4 Life and claimed would be the last group CD.
But Bun B insists he has no other previously-unheard UGK recordings and anything Pimp C made without his UGK co-star now belongs to his widow.
He tells WENN, "That's the biggest misconception of all, that I have control of Pimp C's music. I don't have any Pimp C music, everything that Pimp C has recorded is in the hands of his estate; his wife controls it. He's just my brother and my friend, I don't get the rights to that."
And the hip-hop star is still unsure if he'd be comfortable recording as UGK without his pal by his side - unless it was all for a good cause.
He says, "As far as a new UGK album, I'm still a little bit up in the air about that. If it's something that can help his family, then I'll do it but to do it just for the sake of doing it? UGK never did anything just for the sake of doing it and I'm gonna continue to honour that."