Hip-hop star Bun B has become the latest celebrity to rally against social inequality by joining protesters in his native Houston, Texas.
The rapper was photographed on Wednesday (12Oct11) joining Occupy Houston campaigners at city hall as an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street march, which began in New York last month (Sep11) in a bid to end corporate greed.
Bun B, real name Bernard Freeman, tells MTV News, "I think it's important that Bernard Freeman be here as a citizen of the world. And I think it's important that Bun B be here as a person of influence who has a voice that can bring attention to a cause. It's very important that someone from the hip-hop community is out here supporting Occupy Houston, simply because of the fact of how hip-hop is represented in the world.
"I think a lot of people look at us (rappers) as being these flashy, fly types of people who are just concerned with spending money, but that's not all of us. That's not what hip-hop is here to do."
Freeman has also taken to Twitter.com to encourage his fans to join the protests, writing, "If you're unemployed and not job hunting today, join us if you can... Don't just tweet about it. Be about it. Come on down."
Fellow hip-hop stars Kanye West and Talib Kweli have also joined protests in New York, while celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack and Susan Sarandon have spoken out in favour of the marches.