The stars of Welsh rock group Bullet For My Valentine decamped to Thailand so they could work on their new album without any distractions.

The band released fourth album Temper, Temper this week (beg11Feb13) and frontman Matt Tuck has now revealed they left their native U.K. and moved to Asia so they could dedicate their time fully to writing new songs.

In an interview with America's The Pulse of Radio, the singer says, "It was just nice being in a studio 24/7, really, you know, with no distractions from home and stuff. So that was kind of the main reason why we went there and it just worked out well, you know, because we didn't have any pressures from having to travel, having to cook your own food - just all the stuff that is an everyday process obviously takes a lot of time out of the day to be creative. So just being there, being able to write 24/7, was a huge advantage."