Reggae dance hall star Buju Banton is under investigation in his native Jamaica, following allegations he was involved in a homophobic attack.

Last week (ends20AUG04), AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL confirmed reports that Banton, real name MARK MYRIE, was involved in the attack in the island's capital Kingston two months ago.

The organisation says, "We can confirm that Amnesty International has received information from reputable national and international human rights organisations concerning reports that Buju Banton was involved in a homophobic attack.

"These reports take the form of statements that allege that on 24 June 2004, six men were driven from their home and beaten by a group of armed men, and that the alleged assailants included Buju Banton."

The report says the attack was motivated by hatred of gay men, reports website ALLHIPHOP.COM.

Banton, who was recently banned in America following a conviction on marijuana charges, has branded the charges "completely untrue and wholly unfounded".

Banton's song BOOM BYE BYE is notorious for the violence it calls for against homosexuals. Banton has said he recorded the song in 1992 and has not made another song in that vein since.

25/08/2004 09:01