The actor, who portrayed Alfalfa in 1994 movie Little Rascals, took to Instagram this week to celebrate after Jill Marie DeGroff became his wife. He shared two side-by-side snaps of the couple exchanging vows at the altar and walking down the church steps after the ceremony.

The wedding reunited Bug with his Little Rascals co-star Zachary Mabry, who served as a groomsman alongside Wizards of Waverly Place cast member David Henrie.

Bug, 32, previously gushed about Jill in a sweet social media post in the weeks leading up to their big day.

Alongside a picture of the couple, he wrote, "I have never felt so much good in my life as when I'm with this woman whom is soon to be my bride, and that is the lesser good of love, because I have also never been a better man than the one I am with her. THAT is true love. I will never cease to grow each day to be the man that she deserves."