Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Charisma Carpenter has relived her 1991 attack at the hands of a former police officer for her new Tv series, in which real-life victims re-enact their creepy, near-death experiences.

The actress is the host of new show Surviving Evil, and her own drama featured on the very first episode which aired in America on Wednesday night (28Aug13).

Carpenter says, "I survived evil by thinking on my feet. I held onto a key piece of evidence, which happened to be a police-issued flashlight that had Henry Hubbard's name on it and in that case it was the connection we needed to convict him and we were able to stop him from being a serial rapist."

Two of the actress' friends were shot while protecting Carpenter during the Torrey Pines State Beach drama in San Diego, California, but they survived the attack - and she now insists the time is right to open up about the incident which once haunted her.

She adds, "I've had a lot of counselling, I'm in a strong place and my hope is that viewers feel inspired. The hope is you can have these terrible experiences in your life... and live through them... and thrive."

With Carpenter's help, police were able to track down Hubbard, who was later convicted of assault which, when combined with a string of other charges, landed him behind bars for 56 years.