Former Buffy, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star Anthony Head believes his house is haunted by the ghost of a young girl.

The British actor, 50, who played TV's most famous vampire slayer's mentor for six years, is convinced his home in Bath, England, has been touched by the supernatural - even though he has yet to see his mystery guest.

Head explains, "My house dates back to 1813. Somebody gave us a photograph of our house in the 1900s and on the lawn outside was a woman with a little girl. It's the same little girl.

"We asked the person who gave us the photo about the history of the village, but no one really knows anything about the girl.

"Yet I feel it's one of those things that if I needed to know, something would come through to me in some way.

"She doesn't talk to me, but I have heard her call out. My partner SARAH has heard her and so has our daughter DAISY. Even my father, who was quite sceptical about the whole thing, has heard her."

04/11/2004 21:23