Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Alyson Hannigan is unable to escape her face - even when she travels to the middle of the mountains.

The popular star was travelling with her fiance Alexis Denisof after the release of American Pie 2 in 2001 and hoped the trip would allow her to escape the spotlight for a while.

However, she explains, "We were in the middle of the mountains somewhere at this tiny gas station and we were looking for some snacks. I saw my picture on a f**ckin' beef-jerky box. Yeah. It was some sort of promotion that I knew nothing about for SLIM JIMS.

"In the picture I was standing there in my band-camp outfit with a flute. I'm like, 'That is not okay. How is it possible that I can be promoting these slaughtered animals without my approval?' I think we kind of signed away all of our rights."

31/07/2003 22:36