Actress Bryce Dallas Howard piled on the pounds to play a buxom Mississippi socialite in new period movie The Help - and attributes much of the weight gain to the six pies she had to eat during one pivotal scene.
The Twilight star and castmates Jessica Chastain and Viola Davis were all told to pack on the pounds, so they'd look like southern women - and Howard admits she struggled at first.
Eventually piling on 20 pounds (nine kilograms), the actress credits one pie-eating scene for tipping her over the edge.
She explains, "I had to eat pie and I didn't want to be one of those actors who takes a bite and then they're like, 'Cut,' and I spit it out... (sic) That's rude and gross.
"So I prepared for this scene like I was preparing for a pie-eating contest, because I knew I was gonna have to eat slice after slice on camera, and I ate six pies."