Bryce Dallas Howard's kids don't like it when she travels for work.

The 'Jurassic World' star has confessed her children - Theodore, 11, and Beatrice, six, who she shares with her husband Seth Gabel - hate it when she has to go away for her work but it makes it easier when it's a movie like 'A Dog's Way Home' that they can watch.

She said: ''They don't like it when I travel for work. But when I say that it's something like this, 'A Dog's Way Home', it's very helpful. It's a very powerful negotiating tool. I'll say, 'I'm going to be gone for a week, I'm recording a voice.' And they're like, 'Oh, how cute! A puppy!' Like, 'Okay, cool!'''

And the 37-year-old actress thinks it's ''interesting'' that her children have had to experience similar to her too, as she grew up with a famous set of parents - Ron and Cheryl Howard - too.

She added to People magazine: ''It's interesting because I got to experience such a similar childhood to the one my kids are experiencing. There wasn't a 'my parent is famous conversation'. When you see somebody every single day, you don't clock those change. Because I was raised in the environment of making movies and stuff that wasn't a huge part of my thinking all the time. I get the sense that it's the same with my kids. There haven't really been conversations much, at all. My parents exposed us to the job side [of making films] but didn't expose us to the publicity side. My dad is a great example of how to live life being recognisable. Life isn't any different, he just walks a little faster.''