The Jurassic World actress stars in the remake of the 1977 children's classic as forest ranger Grace Meacham, who finds orphan Pete, who has been living in the woods for six years with a dragon named Elliott.

Grace, alongside her dad, played by Robert Redford, tries to discover Pete's real identity and stop Elliott from being captured.

And in one memorable scene, Bryce is seen riding the CGI dragon, much to the delight of her children Theodore, nine, and Beatrice, four, who were convinced their mum was doing it for real.

"I've got kids and their first thought when they first saw it was not, 'Oh Elliott is a CGI character,'" she said at a London screening, according to "They were like, 'Oh my gosh, you worked with a dragon!' And that's the best feeling. It made me cooler than I usually am to the kids.''

Bryce, 35, was just as thrilled as her youngsters by the scene, adding, "When I got to ride on the back of Elliott, I was screaming, 'I'm in my mid-30s and I'm riding on the back of a dragon!'"

Further, the star believes the dragon is convincing to children because he appears alongside actual actors in a real world.

"It's a very grounded world but there's a dragon and the dragon looks very real and fits into the world, so that is just wish fulfilment for me," she explained.

Bryce, the daughter of director Ron Howard, adds that she was really excited to land the role in Pete's Dragon because she used to watch the original regularly with her sisters Jocelyn and Paige and brother Reed.

Pete's Dragon will be released in U.S. and U.K. cinemas on 12 August (16).