Director Bryan Singer has finally ended his quest to find an aspiring star capable of transporting Superman into the 21st century - he's settled on little known actor Brandon Routh.

X-Men film-maker Singer signed up to direct SUPERMAN RETURNS in the summer (04) and announced he was searching for an unknown actor to fill the Man of Steel's red boots - a role made famous by the late Christopher Reeve.

And he deems 18-year-old Routh - whose resume is limited to a number of appearances in TV shows like WILL + GRACE - the perfect choice to reprise the comic book role, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

Meanwhile, THE OC star Mischa Barton and Topher Grace from THAT '70S SHOW are also reportedly in negotiations to play Lois Lane and JIMMY OLSEN respectively.

19/10/2004 02:24