X2 director Bryan Singer has come under fire from Muslim groups who are demanding he apologises for "anti-Islamic propaganda" which they claim is evident in his box office smash.

Muslim civil rights group PROJECT ISLAMIC HOPE and a coalition of other Islamic organisations are demanding the auteur removes the allegedly offensive content before the movie is released on DVD.

Project Islamic Hope national director NAJEE ALI says, "Within the first five minutes of X2 an evil villain, COLONEL WILLIAM STRYKER, is in the White House signing a document. As he signs, he is shown wearing a ring featuring the Arabic symbol for Allah.

"Stryker was never depicted as a Muslim in the comic book series. We feel this is a subtle but obvious attack on Islam. It is unfortunate, as we continue to live in a post-9/11 world, that Bryan Singer would engage in a subtle campaign to breed intolerance and hate."

Fox representatives deny the claims.

08/05/2003 17:08